Overview of Rock Climbing gyms in Singapore, with a focus on bouldering.

For each gym, I list:

Rant on grading: almost every gym has its own system of grading. It’s usually numeric (easy to remember) but does not map in anyway to established systems like V or Font.

Short list of gyms by experience level.

Bonus section at the end for visitors from out of Singapore.

Can you trust my opinions?.

By Gyms

BFF Climb Bendemeer



Boulder Planet Taiseng

Boulder Planet Sembawang

Boulder+ Aperia Mall

Boulder+ Chevrons

Fit Bloc Science Park

Fit Bloc Depot Road

Ground Up

Disclaimer: only been here once. Notes below are only for bouldering sections of this gym.


Disclaimer: only been here once, Sat afternoon.

By experience level


If you are visiting Singapore and want to climb, you are probably an advanced or humble intermediate climber. As such, you will enjoy any gyms marked advanced above.

Lighthouse has the most comprehensive training area and system boards. For serious training, go there. The route-setting is complex and hard as well.

BFF Bendemeer gets a good crowd of people with all sorts of levels (though you will find the stronger climbers huddling at the Moon boards). If you are in for small talk I find this to be a chatty community.

Boulder+ Chevrons and Boulder Planet Sembawang are the most spacious with scattered routes. They have more modern route-setting, so if you like jumpy jump, pick one of those. Boulder+ Chevrons has the highest wall, However, these gyms are a bit far from the city central, so their other branches (Boulder+ Aperia Mall and Boulder Planet Tai Seng) can give you a similar experience.


I offer my take on mapping each gym’s grade to V scale. For comparison, I’ve been climbing since 2020, my max grade at Dogpatch Boulders (San Francisco) is V10 (2 routes, double digit sessions on each). My max grade outdoors is V7 (Go Granny Ho, Grandma Peabody Boulder, Bishop, CA) (I don’t go out very often).

My max grades at each gym is:

Reach out if you would like to see more gyms on this list.