GSOC 2014, jmxetric

Couple of weeks ago, I received great news that my project with Ganglia has been accepted into GSOC. I’m extremely glad to be given this opportunity to participate in open source, it’s a dream come true for me.

jmxetric is…

My project is on jmxetric, which is a jvm instrumentation to ganglia.

The plans

A rough overview of my plan is to improve the current current implementation, fix outstanding issues, and implement more features. The more features part include support for popular Java software, such as HornetQ, Karaf, Tomcat, and Wildfly.

This is quite a challenge for me because I’ve not been exposed to Java EE technologies, and most of these buzzwords are foreign to me. But I’m confident that I will pick them up pretty fast, and am very fortunate to have an extremely patient mentor, Daniel to guide me.

This series

I’ve decided, having been inspired by other GSOC students, to document this entire journey in a series of blog posts tagged gsoc. This series will chronicle every detail of this experience, including what I learn, pitfalls, reflections.

Thank you

Once again, thank you Google, Ganglia, and Daniel for this extremely rare chance. I’ll work hard and do my best for this project! Here’s to a fantastic summer :)