NOC is a big deal, so you’ll probably have questions. This hopefully-series of articles serves to tell you more about a SOC student going on NOC in New York. Hope this helps you, feel free to drop me suggestions/questions at [email protected]

In one year, you should be able to clear 40 MCs in order to be MC-neutral1. For my batch we are able to clear up to 32 MCs because we do not have discipline-based module2

Here’s how I allocated my MCs (Computer Science):

Module Code Name MCs Map to
TR3101 Internship Continuous assessment 4 Internship
TR3102 Internship Program Report 8 Internship
TR3103 Start up Business case 8 ULR
TR3002 New Venture Creation 4 UEM
MG2304 Marketing 4 UEM

For CS students, TR3101 and TR3102 can go towards clearing our program requirements

CP4101 BComp Dissertation
Complete 12 MCs by taking CS modules at level-4000 or above, or modules approved by the Department of Computer Science
12 MCs of Industrial Experience Training.

For IS/EC students, they can map IS4010 Industry Internship Programme (equivalent to 12-MC FYP or 3 IS modules) to NOC (TR3101 and TR3102). The other TR module confirmed is TR2202 Technological Innovation. (Thanks Jason for this!)

Check the requirements for your cohort to be sure.

Recall that the breakdown of ULR is - 8 MCs on GEM - 4 MCs on SS - 8 MCs on Breadth

so TR3103 essentially completes my ULR requirement.

The remaining 3 modules (TR3002, MG2304, TRXXXX) maps to my UE, which has a cap of 20 MCs. This means that for you to be MC neutral, you should not have taken more than 2 UEs thus far.

What about the 8 MCs left?

40 - 32 = 8MCs, so at the end of NOC I would have 8 MCs I need to clear.

In my case, I haven’t taken a single UE yet, so this 8 MCs will be used on UEs. I took Orbtial (a summer module) in Year 1, so that clears 4 MCs. I plan to overload 1 module in my final year, so that I can make 160 MCs and graduate in 4 years.

Need more info?

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1 this means to not take more modules than necessary

2 reasons are not easy to explain, and this might change for your batch

3 module not confirmed but can definitely map it to UE