2024-05-24 BitNet Scaling 1-bit Transformers for Large Language Models
2024-04-21 Bouldering gyms in Singapore
2022-11-06 EfficientNet
2021-10-18 Emscripten CMake integration - under the hood
2021-09-25 awk - state machine matching and printing
2021-02-11 PushPush is NP-hard in 2D
2020-12-18 Abstractions and caller requirements
2020-11-09 Latency and throughput
2020-10-31 Template template parameter and function templates
2020-10-29 Memory alignment requirements for SSE and AVX instructions
2020-08-15 iTerm2 with tmux integration
2020-07-22 Changing live reload server from WebSockets to Server-Sent Events
2020-07-19 A History of the Groovy Programming Language
2020-07-12 Creating a simple live reload server for my blog
2020-07-11 C++ constexpr
2020-07-06 Coming up an epigram
2020-07-05 Curiously Recurring Template Pattern (CRTP)
2020-07-05 C++ templates
2020-07-02 Epigrams on Programming - Alan J. Perlis
2020-06-30 A history of Clojure
2020-06-13 Porting PBRT to WebAssembly
2020-05-23 IEEE 754 summary
2020-05-16 Vim keys
2020-03-09 64x2 integer multiplication
2019-09-11 WebAssembly SIMD and endianness
2019-09-04 For loops in bash and memory usage
2018-09-28 Guy Steele - It's Time for a New Old Language
2018-06-26 LZ77
2017-12-09 Get Off the Tightrope - Tom Stuart
2017-11-05 Storage strategies for collections in dynamically typed languages - Bolz, Diekmann, Tratt
2017-09-24 Android startup tour - zygote
2017-09-20 Android startup tour - init
2017-09-09 A Pretty But Not Greedy Printer by Jean-Philippe Bernardy
2017-06-26 University reflections
2017-06-17 G-machine
2017-05-27 SKI combinators - Lambda to SKI
2017-05-12 SKI combinators - AST and Evaluating
2017-05-05 Category theory
2017-05-03 Algebraic structures
2017-04-29 Zippers
2017-03-22 Some type about Sum types (and more)
2017-03-21 Bookmarks for a programming language enthusiast
2017-03-12 2D physics systems in the wild
2017-03-11 The Next 700 Programming Languages by P. J. Landin
2017-01-03 Dates with JavaScript
2016-12-04 An Axiomatic Basis for Computer Programming by C. A. R. Hoare
2016-11-16 How we let you be you without knowing you
2016-11-15 Chrome offline network emulation and WebSocket
2016-11-12 How we deploy
2016-10-28 TDD
2016-10-23 Environment
2016-10-18 Iterative Development
2016-09-18 My experience interning at 3 companies
2016-08-27 Road to React
2016-08-27 Framework v.s. Library
2016-05-04 Resume tips
2016-05-03 Error messages from opam when installing packages
2016-05-02 Installing OCaml from source on Ubuntu
2016-04-24 The magic of static
2015-09-11 Haskell's powerful pattern matching
2015-05-25 Lexing COOL - Coursera Compilers Course Assignment 1
2015-05-17 ffmpeg to make gifs
2015-05-08 Common problems I faced with Vagrant and VirtualBox
2015-04-28 What are Peephole Optimizations?
2015-04-24 Set up Vim for JavaScript development
2015-04-20 What the heck is Google Closure Compiler?
2015-01-18 So I set up a Jenkins CI server today
2015-01-09 NOC New York Financials
2015-01-02 NOC New York Module Credits mapping for SoC
2014-11-20 Suggest - My Hack for TimeIncHack2014
2014-05-24 I will never be able to log in to Flickr again
2014-05-19 MBeanScanner a utility class to generate sample configuration file for JMXetric
2014-05-10 Exploring Apache Karaf MBeans using JConsole
2014-05-10 Default value of ATTLIST, attributes of an XML Element, XML Doctype
2014-05-08 Using JConsole to look at MBeans
2014-05-07 JMX and MBeans
2014-05-07 GSOC 2014, jmxetric
2014-05-04 Debian Jessie, Screen resolution, and VirtualBox Guest Additions
2014-05-01 Rock Paper Scissors in Haskell
2014-04-28 Scissors Paper Stone and their ordering (Or is it Rock Paper Scissors?)
2014-04-28 How Java sorts Objects
2014-04-27 Setting up a killer development environment for CS2103T
2014-04-26 Don't waste their time!
2014-04-25 Configuring XMonad
2014-04-20 Planes, Airports, and Monads - Adventures in Haskell
2014-04-18 Learning Haskell through Maybe - Functors
2013-03-04 CS2101 - Should news agency ask Google to pay up?
2013-03-03 Notes on "Thinking Forth"
2013-03-02 Thanksgiving 2013
2013-02-03 Hack&Roll 2013
2013-01-11 What I learned about fonts on Linux